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Bronny James Jr. Reps Chrome Hearts For Senior Prom

Bronny James is currently the most talked-about prospect in the entire United States as it pertains to basketball. Overall, it is easy to see why this is the case. He is the son of LeBron James who has made it his mission to play with Bronny. Moreover, Bronny is a very good player who can command both sides of the floor. Additionally, he is going to get to play at USC this year. While he may not be their star player, he is going to learn a lot about the game of basketball. Not to mention, numerous NBA teams will be looking at hime when it comes time for the draft.

That said, Bronny James is still very much a high-schooler right now. His time at Sierra Canyon is coming to an end, and nothing signals that more than prom. Overall, prom is a tradition at every single high school. Although not everyone enjoys prom, it is one of those things that you will always remember, one way or another. For Bronny James, it was certainly memorable as he had his entire family hyping him up.

Bronny James Tries Out A New Outfit

Above, you can see a plethora of professional pictures that were taken prior to the event. Of course, the pictures were shared by none other than LeBron James. However, he certainly had a reason to be proud as Bronny sported a very fashionable outfit. As you can see, the jacket and the pants were Chrome Hearts. “Chrome Hearts Big Steppa VIBEZ!!!” LeBron wrote. “P.S. The best Prom outfit of ALL-TIME!! Insane!!!” While some may disagree with that sentiment, you are never going to take this away from LeBron James.

In the past, Bronny James has been the subject of Twitter discourse over who he has taken to previous proms. However, it does not seem to affect the young basketball star. He continues to do his thing, and he will not let anyone diminish his shine. Let us know what you think of this Chrome Hearts outfit, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sports world.