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Our Team
At Samchicks , we pride ourselves on having a talented and dedicated team working together to deliver exceptional results. Our diverse team of experts brings a wealth of experience and expertise. We believe in collaboration, innovation and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Leadership team
[Founder/CEO: Laura Maniscalco]
With a vision of Fashion without limits, Laura leads our team with passion and determination. With 15 years of industry experience, they bring extensive knowledge and strategic guidance to our organization.

Support group
Our dedicated support team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. From answering questions to resolving issues, they ensure that our customers receive prompt support and a positive experience.

Why choose us?
We believe our team's knowledge, skills, passion and collective commitment set us apart from the competition. By working together and leveraging our expertise, respecting each member's individuality, we consistently deliver products that will exceed our customers' expectations.